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First, let me open by giving credit to Tim Ferriss and his amazing book, The Four Hour Body. This site wouldn't be possible without TIm and the book, or the ideas he so diligently and thoroughly tested and shared in it. This site isn't a case of 'imitation is the greatest form of flattery' at all - it's not imitating TIm's work, but instead meant to help you use it and interpret it. So, thank you, Tim. You made this possible, and I have a great deal of respect and gratitude for you. That said, this site isn't affiliated with Tim, nor does Tim endorse this site or our work. He doesn't speak out against us or anything so much as isn't aware of us either way. Well, maybe karmically. Or cosmically. Or comically. One of them, at least.

To be clear, I'm not a doctor, a certified personal trainer, certified public accountant, or anything official. I'm just a guy who has found a new way of going about life, and it's worked really well for me. As with anything in life, your experience may be different, and your life situation may not be the same as mine. You may not respond well to some of the food ideas I have, or may even be allergic to some of them. Your physical situation may not allow you to do some of the exercises I have found to work for me.

I am not endorsing any product, diet, approach, exercise, or anything else on this site. I'm merely sharing what's worked well for me. In cases where I provide links, it's merely to make it easier for you to find the products I've appreciated, but you will still need to decide if they're right for you. Please use your own judgment from your perspective as to what you should and shouldn't do, and be responsible for your decisions and the impact they have on your life. That is both smart and empowering, and how I live my life.

With Dizzle Bars specifically, there may be ingredients that you are allergic to, so be sure you read the ingredient list, and know what you can and can't eat. They all contain cashews, which are nuts, so if you have an allergy to nuts, these are not for you. The same goes for whey if you're allergic to that protein, as well as the other ingredients they all have (chia seeds, coconut, cinnamon, sea salt), or the ingredients some of them have (cacao, cocoa, vanilla extract, coffee). I'd be happy to talk to you about alternatives that might work for you, so feel free to send a question.

And, for good measure and caution, do consult a physician about all of the ideas you're contemplating for improving your life.

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