012: How One Man Rose Up to Change a Culture with Josh LaJaunie

By on July 13, 2018

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Josh LaJaunie was born and raised in South Louisiana hunting, fishing, drinking, eating, playing football and getting fat. Ultimately, he found himself tipping the scales at over 400 pounds, and trapped in a culture that celebrated big eating. Since breaking 400 pounds, Josh has changed dramatically.

He has lost over 200 pounds, developed a love for running, and is now exclusively plant-based, plant-powered and an aspiring athlete who has completed not just a lot of running races, but many ultra-endurance races – a feat that never would have even been in consideration for the old Josh.

He has since dedicated himself to helping others get control of their health and has literally inspired tens of thousands of people. He has been on The Rich Roll Podcast (RRP #63 and RRP #152), Live Today with Megan Kelly, Plant Yourself, and Runners World (both their podcast and the cover of the magazine).

Josh shares his amazing journey with all the Day Doers out there in episode 11 of the podcast.


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